Northern Panhandle Continuum of Care

The Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless assumed the role of lead entity and developed the first Northern Panhandle Continuum of Care (NPCOC) in 1995. The NPOCC serves as the body that unites the various organizations in their efforts to develop a seamless system that will prevent homelessness and permanently end the homeless crisis.

The goal of the NPCOC is to focus on every facet of care throughout a homeless person’s transition from life on the streets to permanent housing. The diverse membership of the group includes social service administrators, advocates for mental health customers, a community behavioral health organization, shelter and housing providers, private business, funding sources and other service providers. Each brings a wide array of factual data, resources and varied perspectives to the current issues. The NPCOC seeks to continually reevaluate the goals to collectively incorporate the input of the membership.

As the lead agency of the NPCOC, the Coalition participates in a statewide survey to identify the number of emotionally disturbed children in emergency shelters and the level of mental health care available to them. The Coalition participates in the Annual Homeless Assessment Report for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The AHAR serves as a valuable enumeration tool for the Northern Panhandle.

At each step of the process, the NPCOC works to address and remedy the issues that precipitated client’s homelessness. The fundamental components of a Continuum of Care system include: