Crucial to our funding is the requirement that the Coalition raise matching funds. To receive our annual amount of $424,000 in Federal funds we need to generate $142,000 each year from other sources. This is an area where the local community can be of incredible assistance. The required match can come from sources such as monetary and in-kind donations, foundation funds or contributions from local government. When our matching support decreases beyond the required level, our federal funding is also decreased.

Fiscal Year 2009-10 ($577,000*)

* does not include projected HPRP or Capital funds

Community Financial Support

According to studies from around the country, the cost of a person experiencing chronic homelessness ranges between $35,000-150,000 per person each year. Street life costs the community in terms of emergency medical and psychiatric care, the time and attention of law enforcement personnel and the cost of incarceration.

By contrast, the cost to house and offer support services for that same individual ranges from $13,000-25,000 per person each year. Providing affordable housing with comprehensive services is far more cost effective than the price that society pays when homeless people are living in the streets.

Contributions from the community provide the resources necessary for a multitude of client needs. These needs range from clothing used to help secure employment; bus tokens; general supplies; to applying for records such as birth certificates that are required for permanent housing.

A crucial part of the Coalition’s Federal and State funding requirements is securing matching local funds. These matching funds are cash contributions made to the Coalition exclusively for cost sharing purposes. Every $25 provided by individual donations or the local government supports $75 in Federal funding.