The Winter Shelter

On December 15, 2010, Youth Services System began hosting an emergency cold weather shelter at 87 Fifteenth Street in Wheeling. Last year, this shelter provided a warm place to stay during the coldest months of the year to more than 60 local homeless people who would otherwise have suffered terrible exposure to the winter conditions.

The Winter Shelter operates solely though charitable donations of local volunteers and one of the most desperately needed donations is time: each night, two volunteers are required to provide supervision and support for guests of the shelter. As you might imagine, it can be difficult to find adults who are able to give up an entire night’s sleep to care for this vulnerable population – but the success of the Winter Shelter depends upon it. Last year, more than 90 volunteers were needed to adequately staff the shelter.

If you can volunteer even one night to help the Winter Shelter, please contact Holly Fox at 304-218-2847 to sign up for a night of service.