Programs & Activities

Through needs assessments and by identifying gaps in the service delivery system, the Coalition has adapted its programming and evolved into a successful provider of accessible, affordable housing for the homeless.

The Coalition offers services to a diverse group of people who share a common situation – the lack of housing. With the assistance of trained case managers, clients can develop their own short- and long-term plans for reaching the objectives needed to achieve an end to their homelessness. While maintaining a level of flexibility and individualism, Coalition programs carefully balancing those needs with the requirements of grant-supported programming.

Coalition programs are intended to promote recovery and resilience. They encourage treatment, as well as housing solutions, through the implementation of an Individualized Service Plan (ISP). The Coalition supports clients in developing a sense of hope, support, personal responsibility and education. Clients are also required to volunteer in the community. This serves two purposes:

Clients acquire housing by working with the Participant & Facilities Coordinator in a Sweat Equity program. The concept of the program is to hone daily living skills through direct participation in the care and maintenance of housing facilities. Throughout this process, both clients and case managers are able analyze the ability and willingness to maintain their own living area and participate as a team member in pursuit of a larger goal.

The Coalition firmly believes this type of integration enhances individual well-being. By way of example, 89 percent of Coalition clients with a serious mental health diagnosis were able to accomplish these objectives without psychiatric hospitalization during one program year.